Get pimple free skin | Get pimples away overnight FACECLIN Gel

Get pimple free skin | Get pimples away overnight: Do you have a pretty face? but your beauty has been stolen by your pimples and acne and you have tried all the home remedies, chemicals, acne removal cream but still no results. well we all want pimple free  glowing skin but these stubborn pimples occur on skin without any notice they ruin the beauty of our face and they takes long times to go.

Get pimple free skin,Get pimples away overnight
Get pimple free skin

Get pimple free skin | Get pimples away overnight FACECLIN Gel:-

So don't worry i am going to share something which i have personally used and got unbelievable results so you can get as well.

Here is an  FACECLIN Gel by Abbott health care. This is an effective pimples and acne removing gel which gives you result from your first day. It's manufactured by abbot health care which is a well trusted brand in all over world. Believe me friends try it once and you will be amazed with the results.This gel can use men and women both and can get results in first day. 

Get pimple free skin,Get pimples away overnight,faceclin


clindamycin phosphate I.P
Clindamycin 1 %W/W
Niacinamide 4 %W/W

In aloe,Allantoin base with Ethyl lactate

Get pimple free skin,Get pimples away overnight,faceclin

How it works:

Faceclin gel is the best acne removal gel to rid of acne and pimples.It contain Clindamycin 1%W/W +Niacinamide 4 %W/W they both are effective chemicale to remove pimple and it gives you pimple free skin and you can use it any where any time its a transparent gel you can apply it on your face and nobody can recognize you have applied something on your face so use this Faceclin gel. it will help you definitely because i am using it personally.

How to apply:

You can apply this gel once or twice in a day i would recommend apply this get at night .Wash your face with face wash and apply this gel directly on pimples and within 1 day you will see mind blowing results. It’s a transparent gel you can apply it and go out for your work nobody can  recognize that you have apply something on your face.
  • please do not apply this gel surrounding area of your eyes and mouth.
  • keep out of reach of children
  • keep it in cool and dry place.

Side effects:

Well i haven't noticed any side effects of this cream so far it’s safe and very effective in my
personal opinion but other's says that it has side effect such as rashes, swelling etc. 

My personal experience:

Well in our teen age it's often pimple occur on our face and it happened with me as well then my brother suggested me about FACECLIN  Gel then i purchased it and you won't believe since my first day i start getting results it was very effective for my. I have very sensitive skin so whenever i try something new i got side effect but when i used it it shows great result without any side effect so i would recommend you to use this gel at least once and get pimple free skin. 


If you talk about its price its very cheap a 20 gram gel tube price is 130 rupees you can buy it from any medical store.

Believe me friends its really works try it at least once and you will get pimples free skin within 2-3 days it’s really really effective i have personally used it.

I hope you like this article "Get pimple free skin | Get pimples away overnight FACECLIN Gel" if you have any question regarding this gel place do let us know in comment section below