Important tips to improve English

Important tips to improve English: English is an important language in today's time. Its word language. If you want to be successful, if you wanna crack job interviews and get good job so you should have extra ordinary communication skills and Best way to communicate is English language. When you speak English front of other it gives good impression and fascinate others towards you and it enhance the probability of your success.

Important tips to improve English
Important tips to improve English

Why it's Important to improve English:-

Now you know that English is extremely important and you have decided to learn english but Whenever you ask someone that how to improve English they must be answer you "keep practicing daily" and it has no doubt that practice makes perfect but how would you do that so today i am gonna share with you some important tips to improve your English.

Well some people think that learning English is very difficult but my friends its very easy.I have some important tips which helped me to improve my English and it will help you as well. So you have to do two things. 

First you have consume English words and Second you have to practice those words while speaking and you will be amazed with the results but the question is how to consume and practice English because some of you don't belong from the modern society where English language used often and some of you must be doing study in Hindi medium so how would you do that . So don't worry here are some important tips to improve you English. 

Important tips to improve English:-

1.Listen English:

We all have learnt our native language through listening. Nobody taught us our native language . We learnt it by our self via listening and assuming those words. 

So listen English as much as you can but always consider your preference that mean if you like story listen English stories and if you like movies watch English movies or you can watch funny videos in English. They will entertain you and you will learn new words daily. The best parts of listening movies and videos is they use vocabulary which commonly used in day to day life so listen as much you can and enjoy the learning. It is the one of the best Important tips to improve English. 

2.Dictionary in your phone :

Second Important tips to improve English.It is the best thing and we often avoid to having dictionary in your phone. In day to day life we all go through with new English words but we never find out the meaning of those words because we have extremely bed habit of procrastinate. So please don't do that if you go through with any new English words check their meaning at that time and that will feed in your mind forever. 

3.Read English joke's :

Well while reading we go through with new words but we avoid reading because it's so boring so you should read English jokes. Jokes are very interesting, they will entertain you amuse you and you will learn new words as well. Interesting na fun with learning so do this and you will enjoy the learning. 

4.Chatting in English with others :

Well social media being an important part of our day to day life. We all use Facebook, whatsup, twitter etc social networking sites and you have been addicted with it, you can't change it so you can spent that time for you English learning as well. You have to use English while chatting with your Friends or you can make Friends from others country and talk with them. So your time will not be waste and you will learn English in that time. It's extremely Important tips to improve English.

5.Writing in English :

Well you have gather a mountain of English but it has no use unless you will not practice them. But you might don't have that atmosphere around you, you don't have friends with whom you can  communicate so the  best way to get out those words from your mind is writing. You can write articles and story and you can share them on your Facebook, twitter pages . People will like your post it will encourage you to write more and more and it will help you to improve English as well. 

5.Talk in English :

Well you must be thinking that you don't have any friend with whom you can talk so how would you do that so i have a good news for you. There are many apps in Google play store. You can use those apps to call people from others countries and talk them. Don't need to hesitate because they are also using those app because they are also learner. So it could be the best way to speak English for you. 

6.Don't think about grammar while speaking :

Well the biggest mistake people often make they keep thinking about grammar and this thing never let them speak because they fall in trap of their grammar concern. So please don't do that speak as much as you can and don't think about grammar too much because people do not notice you grammar all they notice your confidence so be confident and speak with a calm mind and let your mind explore English. 

7.Be used to of English :

To be a master of English you have to be used to it so that it will adapt in your nature and you will be able yo speak English naturally . So read in English, speak in English, and listen in English. Be used to it. 

8.Encourage your self :

Well learning a new language it's not a one day game. Its a long journey and sometimes you might be demotivate and decide to quit English so please don't do that and always remember that good things takes time so keep motivate yourself.

9.Don't be afraid to make mistakes:

We don't allow our mind to learn new things just because fear of making mistakes. Remember nobody born perfect each person make mistake. Unless you will not make mistakes you won't learn so let your mind to explore new things of learning. 

10.Be consistent :

If you want to learn something new you have to be consistent and dedicate yourself for it. You can't learn things in just one day. You have to be focused towards your goals. If you can be consistent you can achieve everything in your life.

These were the most Important tips to improve English.

I hope you like this article "Important tips to improve English" and  these tips will help you to improve your English. So please try them and improve your English and make your future bright .