What is group discussion | How to crack group discussion (GD) skills.

What is group discussion | How to crack group discussion (GD) skills: Do you want to be successful? Do you want a high profile job? well if you are preparing for an interview, so this article will help you a lot. If you are going for an interview, so you should know that it just not a interview only, there are many several round which you have to clear. The first round is interview round, usually selection starts with the interview and then second is technical round where you have to show your technical skills or other's skills that how capable you are as per that job profile. So now you have cleared both round and you are thinking that now you will get job, so you might be wrong because there is a one more round which is being more relevant in today's time that is group discussion. Along with interview and technical round you have to perform well in group discussion round as well. So today you will get whole information about group discussion, what are the skills are required and how to crack group discussion round.

What is group discussion | How to crack group discussion (GD) skills,how to crack job interview
What is group discussion | How to crack group discussion (GD) skills.

What is group discussion:

Group discussion associates with the discussion among few people on one topic and everyone has to present their point of view on that topic.

Generally it's known GD as well. Usually we have to go through with group discussions in job interviews in multinational companies or others highly reputed companies, but these days it's being compulsory in certain places. We can see group discussion in our schools and colleges or sometimes its happens in various places such as society meetings, parents meeting or cultural meetings etc. 

What is the importance of group discussion:

You must be thinking that why we need to go through with it in order to get a job? What are the importance of it. Well, its extremely important which plays a vital role in your selection. Well you must be thinking it just a decision that's it, but throughout the discussion the interviewer evaluates your following skills-

  1. How do you present your views in front of others.
  2. How do you responses on others opinions .
  3. How good your communication skills are. 
  4. What kind of ideology you have. 
  5. Are you a good organizer because often a group discussion turned as arguments, so how would you deal with that. 
  6. Are you able to hold a meeting in company. 
  7. Are you a good team leader. 
  8. Are you good at English grammar. 
  9. Do you follow the work ethics. 
  10. Do you follow discussion protocol. 
  11. How rational you are.

These were some points on the basis of  interviewer judges you. 

What is group discussion protocol:

Well as I mentioned above group discussion protocol. Well group discussion protocol comprises certain ethics and certain rules which you have to keep in mind while presenting your point of view or asking someone else. For example if you want to know about someone views on that topic so you can't directly ask that "hey please speak", no its not right way, so in case we should follow discussion protocol. So if you do that there will be more chance of your selections and it shows your ethics, it reflect your elegant personality, and it shows that you know about group discussion protocol  very well. 

Group discussion protocol: Well here is full guidelines of group discussion protocol-

Body language for group discussion:

Your body speaks more than your words, so make sure you should use right body language in group discussion round as well as in interview. What is the right body  language, how should we behave. Mentioned in details below.

Start with greeting:

It's extremely important that you should start your discussion with greeting to others candidates. It shows your decent and  elegant personality, so start with greeting.

Make proper eye contact:

We often make a mistake that we do not make eye contact with others and start reciting our views as poem. Please don't do that you have to make eye contact with each member siting with you. You have to make eye contact with them and if you use your hand movement with your speech it would be more better.

Sit straight :

If you want to be selected by interviewer please sit straight. Don't fold yourself like lazy one . Sit straight, it gives good impression on other and it also helps enhance the blood flow into your mind, so you can be fit mentally in group discussion round.

Don't cross you leg's while siting :

Lots of candidates make mistakes while siting they cross their legs and sit which is not right according to group discussion protocol guidelines. Your leg should be straight .

Wear formal cloth :

Well this is the time of glamour where you need good knowledge as well as good looks. Wear formal cloths and nice black lather shoes. which gives a decent look and appropriate  outfit for group discussion and interview.

Don't sit with cross hands :

Often people cross their hands while group discussion and in job interviews. I want to tell you that it's completely wrong it gives bad impact on interviewers. It shows that you are arrogant. Are you? which is not right, so your hand should be straight and your palm should be on you thigh. This the proper body language .

Phrases for group discussion:-

Asking someone's point of you: well I have mentioned above that you can not say to someone "start speak" there are some Phrases that require in group discussion giving below-

1. What do you think about?
2. What are your thoughts about?
3. Do you agree with him or her?
4. Please share your views about it.
5. What do you feel about it?

If you have to present your views: Assume now it's your turn to present your views on that particular topic, so you should starts with-

1. In my opinion
2. I believe
3. If you ask me
4. As far as I am concerned.

If you disagree with someone: If someone said something and are disagree with it, so you can start with-

1. I don't think so.
2. I disagree with you.
3. That's not true.
4. I beg to differ you.

While interrupting someone: Suppose someone has present his or her point of views and you don't like it and you are thinking that their views going beyond the topic  and you want to interrupt them, so you can start with-

1. Can I say something?
2. Is it OK if i interrupt you.
3. Sorry to interrupt you but.

If you are agree with someone: If someone says something which you like and you want to add some point with his or her view so you can start with-

1. I agree with you.
2. Exactly what i think.
3. Exactly how I feel.
4. I also think so.

If the discussion turning into argument: Assume that discussion is going on and people start doing arguments with each others, so how would you deal with that situation then you should start with-

1. Let's talk about something else.
2. Let's move on please.
3. Let it be talk about something else.

Group discussion ethics are most important things to perform well in any group discussion. whether it's in job interview or somewhere else you should follow the group discussion protocol. Following group discussion protocol can make you better than others in  selection round, so please keep these things in your mind always. So there will be more possibility of your selection.

I hope this article "What is group discussion | How to crack group discussion (GD) skills" will help you to be selected in your job interviews. If you have any question please  let us know in comment section below or you can contact us.