Why my english is not improving?

Why my english is not improving: Have you been studying English since last number of years, but still you are same as you were before. You have been working hard you have tried all the English institutions, but still you are not able to speak fluent English and you are planning to quit your English learning. You might think to keep continue with your native language. So don't worry today I am gonna share with you something which will help you to know the exact reason that "why your English is not improving" and once you come to know the reason, it will be very easy to fix it and improve it.

Why my english is not improving?
Why my English is not improving?

Why my English is not improving?

Well, as we all know that English is a world language and how crucial it is. Whether you have group discussion, job interviews, debate, speech or you have to write letters, story, notice etc English language is taking place every where and we know how important it is for us and for our bright future. 

So, now you know that how important English is and you have been working hard to learn it, but in spite of all  efforts that you have been putting into this you are not making results. So today I am going to share with you the exact reason, where you're making mistakes.

I am gonna make you understand with a  very simple and effective example, so that you can understand.

Suppose you have a bucket half filled with red color water and every day you put a huge scope of red color water into this and a small tiny scoop of blue water. What kind of color you will get in that bucket. Red color exactly, now consider that bucket as your mind and a huge scope of red color water as a daily dose of your native language(HindiGerman, French or any other language) and that small tiny scope of blue water is your English dose. 

Everyday you have been doing the same thing. You are putting more Red color water that means your native Language. So your mind will be filled with full of red color water (native language) and your blue tiny scoop of English will never appear in your mind that means your English will never exist unless and until you will change the process.

Why my english is not improving?how to improve english
Why my english is not improving?

Now, here is a question that why that red color scope is huge and bigger than blue scope. It's because every day you speak in your native languages, you listen in your native languages even some people study in their native languages that's the reason why you have more consumption of your native language than English.

Why my english is not improving?,how to improve english
Why my english is not improving?

Most of you must be know that our mind works on the basis of knowledge that we put into it and your mind is full filled with you native language, so you won't be able to speak fluent English unless you change the process that means you have to filled your bucket(mind) with more blue water(English) and once the quantity of you English knowledge will increase your fluency and you command will be better over your English

Some people think that it's very difficult to speak fluent English, but no there is nothing easier than English language tough its very easy. Think you spent very less time over your English learning 1 hours out of 24 hours, but still some of you can speak English with full of confidence and fluency, so think when you will give priority to your English, more time for English how good it Will be and nothing is impossible once you conceive something you will definitely achieve it because human potential has no limitations.

I hope this will article "Why my english is not improving" help you if you have any questions please  let us know in comment section below. Thank you.