Job interview questions and answers

Job interview questions and answers: Are you going for a job interview? Are you a inexperienced student and don't no anything about job interview, what are some questions they ask, how to answer all those questions, so this article will help you a lot. Well if you want to get a good job, so you must to go through with job interview and if you have prepared well so there will be more chances for you selections therefore we bring for you some of the most important job  interview questions and answeres that interviewer will ask you, so that you can prepare well and get your job.

Job interview questions and answers
Job interview questions and answers

Job interview questions and answers

So here are the most common interview questions and their answers for you, These are the questions usually ask in interviews - 

1. Tell me something about you or introduction? 

friends, do you know? that your first impression is your last impression and your first impression begins in job interview with the introduction. This is the first question interviewer will ask you and you have to answer adequately. You have to give your first impression best, so you should be prepare for your introduction.

This is the first and most important question that interviewer asks you. Through this question interviewer checks your communication skills, confident, your attitude, sense of humor and your present of mind.

Ans- Well it seems very tough question, but don't worry we will tell you how to answer it. You have to start your introduction with your name and where are you from, your education, your work experience and all the achievement that you have made in your life till then. Your introduction should be not to long, nor too short and use appropriate words for your introduction. So if you answer in this way you will be select easily.

2. Tell me about your skills or What are your strengths?

Here you have to tell about ability, how capable you are, your skills and your knowledge that you have gained so far.

Ans- You should start with your skills that you have and then your positive attitude like your quality. You have to convenes the interviewer that you are the right candidate for that particular job.

3. What are your weakness?

This is an another important question that interviewer asks. He is asking about your weakness doesn't mean you have to criticize yourself or talk about negative things.

Ans- Well, for this question you have to tell about your weakness in positive way. That you are punctual you hate people those who procrastinate things etc.

4. What did you do last Sunday? or how was your last weekend?

Well, you must be thinking that  how these kind of questions can be ask in interview, but friends it's also an important questions. Here interviewer is not interested that exactly what you did or how you spent you last weekend or Sunday. Here he wants to check your grammar and you communication skills and a bit about you memory.

Ans: Always remember that whenever you have to give answers of these type of question. You have to use past simple tense because all you have done is past . So make sure use all the sentence in past simple tense then you will be right grammatically. like " Oh last Sunday or weekend I went New York with my friend". We Enjoyed very well etc.

5. What do you know about our company? 

Ans: Here the interviewer wants to check that how much you are aware of their company. So before going for an interview make sure you should read something about that company.

6. Where you would like to see yourself in next 5 years? Or What is your long terms goal?

Ans: Here the interviewer wants to check what are your long terms goal and what is your plan for future, how would you execute your plain. Most important thing you have to relate this job to your long term goal or career, so they will be consider you as a person who is focused on his goal.

7. Why did you quite your last job?

Ans: Here he will ask you that why did you quite your last job, so don't say the salary was not good or it was very hard to work over there and all. Remember you don't have to reflect your financial status and capability. You have to be fast forward for your goal and your passion. 

8. Why should I hire you?

Ans: This is the questions can make you confuse while interview, but don't worry for this question you have to give the conclusion of all the answers you have mentioned. You have to justified that you are better than others candidates. You have to tell about your experience, skills, intention  etc. So that he will be sure to hire you.

9. What are your salary acceptation?

Ans: Well, probably this is the last question of your interview and make sure you have to answer it very well. You don't have to say "Oh I need this amount of money". Instead of that you can say salary is not my first concern you can pay as far as company reputation is concerns.

10. When will you join?

Ans: well, If you will be selected, so interview will ask you for your joining date and he or she might give you appointment latter. You can tell them the joining date according to your situation.

These were the most important "Job interview questions and answers". I hope you like this article and it will help you in your interview. If you have any question related to anything you can ask in comment sections below.