How to get Google AdSense approval? New tips and tricks

Do you want to earn money with Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the world biggest and liable advertising network. Which gives you high revenue and better experience to your visitors. We all have our websites and blogs and we all want to get Google AdSense approval, but it's not easy. You ought to be design your website or blog according to the Google AdSense policy. Peoples follow Google AdSense policy, build their website, write unique content, use non copyright images and share their valuable knowledge, but in spite of all AdSense doesn't approve their website. They apply for 3 to 4 time, but AdSense still rejects their website each time. So don't worry today I am going to share with you some of the most crucial tips and tricks to get Google AdSense approval and these are my personal tips which I used to approve my AdSense.

How to get Google AdSense approval? New tips and tricks,Google AdSense
How to get Google AdSense approval? New tips and tricks 

How to get Google  AdSense  approval? New tips and tricks

1. Top level domain:

Friends the common mistakes that we make is we use sub domains such as ( .tk .ml .ooo etc) for AdSense approval. Friends Google AdSense generally does not approve sub domains. In some exceptional cases it approves, but most of the time doesn't matter how well you have built your website if you are using sub domain Google AdSense will reject your application. In my recommendation you should buy a top level domains like com, In, Org, Net etc. If you use them surely you will get AdSense approval very soon. 

2. Similar email:

Friends often we use email id which is not similar to our website. For example if your website name is your email id would be or something else it might start with your name or something else, so I would recommend that make a email id similar to your website name. It tells to Google that it's a professional website with specific e-mail and it can help you to approve your AdSense account. 

3. Important pages of website:

Friends recently Google AdSense has came with its new policies and according to that you should have contact us page, about us page, disclaimer and privacy policy page on your website or blog then you can get AdSense approval. If you don't no how to make them ,so you can use others online websites where you can generate these page without any cost. 

4. Website theme:

Sometimes we apply very noisy and colorful theme on our website or blog, but you should remember it doesn't comply with Google AdSense policy. For AdSense approval you should use simple and responsive theme for your website. Make your website s.e.o friendly, design it well and make proper notification bar and then you will definitely get AdSense approval. 

5. Search engine submission:

If you want to get AdSense approval it's extremely important to submit your website in various search engine. Most important in Google search console or Google webmaster tool and being master tools. It will increase your organic traffic as well as help you to get AdSense approval, so submit your website in search engines. 

6. Google analytics:

We use Google analytics to monitor our website. You can Analyze your website traffic and data through Google analytics, but it also plays a vital role in AdSense approval. It's also a Google product, so it is extremely important to submit your website in Google analytics. 

7. Minimum post:

Sometimes AdSense disapproves our application with the massage that your website has insufficient content, so it's extremely important that you should post at least 15 to 20 post on your website. One post world limits should be above than 500 words. If you write your articles or post in such manner you will definitely get AdSense approval. 

8. Don't use copyright content and images:

It often happens with beginners. They copy others content and use in their website and they think that they will get approval. Friends Google never approves website which contains copyright content, so don't use copyright content as well as images. Write your own unique content make your own images and use them and then definitely you will get AdSense approval very soon. 

9. Remove others add network:

If you use any others add network such as popads,,infrolink etc, so make sure remove them from your website before applying for Google AdSense.

How to get Google AdSense approval New tips and tricks,Google adsense approved account
How to get Google AdSense approval New tips and tricks,Google adsense approved account

I hope this article "How to get Google  AdSense  approval? New tips and tricks" helped you to know how you can approve your website with Google Adsense. These were the most important tips and tricks that I use personally to approve my AdSense account, so apply them and you will definitely get AdSense approval. 

If you have any queries related to AdSense or still you are unable to approve your AdSense account, so contact me through contact form or in comment section of our website. Send me your website and email. I  will approve your AdSense account, we will work on it and definitely you will get approval. My services are a absolutely free please contact me. 


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