"The unheard" untold story of "Justin Bieber"

In 1994 a Young unmarried girl got pregnant  she was scared her boyfriend asked her for abortion but she denied . She went against the whole society and his family and finally she gave birth to a baby boy on 1 march 1994 in Ontario , London. Since the childhood the boy was passionate about music and at very early of age he starting learning Piano, guitar and drums.

"The unheard" untold story of  "Justin Bieber"
"The unheard" untold story of  "Justin Bieber"

At 12 year of age he participate in singing competition where he defeat all the renowned singers and became second winner. Due to his singing he started becoming famous in his locality and start participate in various singing competition. His mother started recording his singing video and uploading them on YouTube to show her Friends and family members.

That period of time a well known music director saw his video on YouTube and signed him for his next album and the boy got his first break. The lady was shocked. She did not believed so she confirmed again but that was truth. His first song “ One time” was released on a radio station and within one week that song broke all the records and he won platinum and gold awards.

His first album “My world 2.0 released in 2010 which was the biggest hit. His one of album song “ Baby” broke all the records and become famous number one song in whole world. For several year the song was number one song across the world. His one of other song “ Where are you now” Got Grammy award and now he is one of the top successful musician in the world “ Justin Biber”

"Justin Biber " full name is Justin Drew Biber. He is the one of most successful singer in the world . In just 23 year of age he got one Grammy award and 13  Billboards Music Awards and 8 MTV Music Awards. His mother Patricia and father Jeremy always supported him and he got his first album by “scooter brawn". He sang many popular  songs ‘What do you mean, Let me love you, One less lonely girl’ Baby, etc and his latest album "Purpose" was a hug hit of the year.

"The unheard" untold story of  "Justin Bieber"
Justin Bieber

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