"Bullying or Lesson" by Aakarshan Khare

Bullying or Lesson

In life, there will be many instances where you’ll think of yourself as an alien in this anonymous world. As it sometimes, is really hard to see the reality, but what you experience and realize is far bigger than the reality.
"Bullying or Lesson" by  Aakarshan Khare
"Bullying or Lesson" by  Aakarshan Khare

Bulling, being a stage of everyone’s life, well almost everyone, is a harsh experience that a child would never dream himself/herself to be a part of. Being a part of it, I myself have experienced, that it brings calmness and pleasure to oneself. 
Finding happiness, is the pursuit in which you’ll find yourself to be the grittiest person you would ever be, especially, when you choose somebody as your subject to experiment all your chemicals on. Sometimes experiments are successful,  you get reward in the form of that pleasure we're talking about, and sometimes when experiments are unsuccessful, you become more gritty towards that pleasure. 
I wonder, if this pleasure is regarding how our brain controls us when we’re experimenting. Our sensitive brain tells us to use wrong chemicals, while the mischievous one tells us to use the right ones. 
What do YOU think are these right chemicals made for you, or YOU are making them for your subjects?


Aakarshan Khare

(Holder of Thoughts)